Wednesday Watch: A Year Of The Selfie

One of the things that today’s mobile consumer is known for is the selfie. This is a photo taken of yourself, usually using the front-facing camera on your cellphone. There are variations of the selfie, usually based on the facial expression that one is making in the ‘selfie’. For the past year, I’ve been usingContinue reading “Wednesday Watch: A Year Of The Selfie”

Wednesday Watch: Skype Adding Multilingual Instant Translation

In the not-too-distant future, Skype will be able to automatically and instantaneously translate your voice calls to other languages. This will make it possible for you to call someone who speaks another language without having to hire a translator, or fumble through the conversation in broken translations. The technology will be called Skype Translator, andContinue reading “Wednesday Watch: Skype Adding Multilingual Instant Translation”

Wednesday Watch: A Diva’s Full Performance

Fifth Element is one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time. Sure, it’s rather cheesy at times, but let’s face it – it’s greatness. One of the best parts is the diva’s opera performance, which in the movie, is cut into with action scenes, for a riveting viewing experience. Unfortunately, due to these cuts,Continue reading “Wednesday Watch: A Diva’s Full Performance”

3D Printing The Future Of Animation

It’s no secret I’m slightly obsessed with 3D printing. It’s a really fascinating process, and it’s only poised to get better. Cheaper, faster printers, larger print beds, more ‘ink’ options, etc. While the technology is improving, people will also find new ways to use the technology. Such is the case of DBLG, a design/3D animationContinue reading “3D Printing The Future Of Animation”

This Hexapod Is Cool And Creepy

In most sci-fi movies, there are various types of robots that can move around on their own. Sometimes, they look like humans (called Androids), and sometimes, they don’t (think R2-D2). As engineers explore different capabilities, we’re sure to continue to see different types of robots. Norwegian engineer Kåre Halvorsen recently built what he calls ‘MorpHex MKII’,Continue reading “This Hexapod Is Cool And Creepy”

Cord Cutters: Morselization Of The Web

We “cut the cord” years ago – I honestly don’t remember the last time we had a regular TV signal into our house. It’s fun to call AT&T when we need support on our Uverse account, because most of their call center folks can’t really wrap their heads around how we have a Uverse accountContinue reading “Cord Cutters: Morselization Of The Web”

We’re Close To Having A TriCorder For Real

I’ve recently been watching the original Star Trek series – it’s really quite interesting, especially when you consider that some of the ‘futuristic’ technologies in the show are now realities. Others aren’t quite real just yet, but we’re getting closer – such as the TriCorder. The TriCorder in Star Trek is a multifunctional hand-held deviceContinue reading “We’re Close To Having A TriCorder For Real”

Living Moments With Lumia Arc Of Wonder

Nokia has always been known for not only building amazing cameraphones, but also using the results of those cameraphones in amazing ways through their marketing and content creation. A recent awesome example of this is the #LumiaMoments project, with renowned filmmaker Paul Trillo. Trillo, along with Microsoft and Nokia, built a system that allows usersContinue reading “Living Moments With Lumia Arc Of Wonder”