Living Moments With Lumia Arc Of Wonder

Nokia has always been known for not only building amazing cameraphones, but also using the results of those cameraphones in amazing ways through their marketing and content creation. A recent awesome example of this is the #LumiaMoments project, with renowned filmmaker Paul Trillo. Trillo, along with Microsoft and Nokia, built a system that allows usersContinue reading “Living Moments With Lumia Arc Of Wonder”

Microsoft Testing Curved Onscreen Keyboard

One thing that I’ve covered quite a few times here is the idea of alternative inputs for our various gizmos and gadgets. Six years ago, you had two options – T9 alpha-numeric keypads or full QWERTY. While that’s still mostly what you have now, we’ve shifted the hardware QWERTY keyboards to onscreen versions, and onlyContinue reading “Microsoft Testing Curved Onscreen Keyboard”

Xbox Upgrade Is One Step Closer To The Future

I’m firmly convinced that when my daughter is old enough to play video games, I’ll hand her a controller and she’ll look back at me, baffled, asking ‘What’s this, Dad?’ The controller – with buttons and joysticks and the like, will be relegated to nostalgia, similar to Nintendo’s ‘Virtual Boy’ or the trackballs of yore.Continue reading “Xbox Upgrade Is One Step Closer To The Future”

Nokia Should N-Gage With Xbox Live

Now that Nokia has finally launched a Windows Phone device, they need to begin making inroads in that ecosystem. One of the first opportunities that comes to my mind is gaming. Nokia has a weird history with mobile gaming. They were one of the first companies to put games on phones (Snake) and one ofContinue reading “Nokia Should N-Gage With Xbox Live”

The Gaming Industry’s Missed Opportunity With Mobile

I have an Xbox 360 with Kinect, and have a few games such as Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, and Halo Reach that are very character-driven. The Xbox Live profile includes an avatar that you can dress up and buy things like pets and accessories for. It’s an entire ecosystem within the overall Xbox ecosystem, andContinue reading “The Gaming Industry’s Missed Opportunity With Mobile”

Welcoming Microsoft Into Your Livingroom

I bought an Xbox 360 with Kinect a few months ago, and have done my best to fully embrace the idea and technology. The Kinect is definitely the future of how we interact with our in-home entertainment – gestures, voice command, facial recognition, it’s all there. Music and video content is readily available, too, withContinue reading “Welcoming Microsoft Into Your Livingroom”

HTPC Project Completed

After posting a few days ago about how to put together the perfect HTPC, I did some more investigating and chatted with a few of you to come up with the perfect solution, for the time being. First, I needed to get a new video card for my eMachines tower that’s currently storing all myContinue reading “HTPC Project Completed”

Thoughts On Microsoft’s Insistence That Outlook Isn’t Broken

I came across this story several times recently – apparently a bunch of internet folks are really annoyed that Outlook insists on using Microsoft Word as its HTML email render-er. Microsoft has addressed the situation, saying that it appreciates the feedback from users, but since they don’t believe there is a reason for them notContinue reading “Thoughts On Microsoft’s Insistence That Outlook Isn’t Broken”

Microsoft Going With Simple Advertising

Let’s face it – Microsoft is not exactly known for great advertising campaigns, specifically when it comes to consumer electronics such as its Zune MP3 player and music store. For several reasons, the iPod has dominated the MP3 market, mainly due to its tight integration with iTunes, and that application’s robust feature set. However, theContinue reading “Microsoft Going With Simple Advertising”