I Own Three Selfie Sticks – A Review

That’s right. I officially own three different selfie sticks. The first one I bought back in 2008 – we didn’t call them “selfie sticks” back then, it was an “extendable handheld tripod”. The second one I got two weeks ago, at SocialFresh 2015, as some hand-out swag from Cision. The third was offered heavily discountedContinue reading “I Own Three Selfie Sticks – A Review”

Wednesday Watch: A Year Of The Selfie

One of the things that today’s mobile consumer is known for is the selfie. This is a photo taken of yourself, usually using the front-facing camera on your cellphone. There are variations of the selfie, usually based on the facial expression that one is making in the ‘selfie’. For the past year, I’ve been usingContinue reading “Wednesday Watch: A Year Of The Selfie”

Tilt-Shift Galaxies Look Like Toys

I’m a closet photography nerd, and I love to find examples of photographers doing cool stuff with images, including (probably especially) of things in the sky. Tilt-Shift is a photography trick that I really love, as it makes real-life things look like toy models. It’s fascinating when used on street scenes or things like that,Continue reading “Tilt-Shift Galaxies Look Like Toys”

Know Where You Stand

I recently stumbled across this photo set by American photographer Seth Taras, as part of a campaign for The History Channel called “Know Where You Stand”. In it, Taras overlapped photos of historical landmarks with modern photos in the same location. The results, as you can see below, are striking. This one, in particular, reallyContinue reading “Know Where You Stand”

Dronestagram Is Awesome

Longtime readers will know that I love to have interesting photography in my feeds and I like drones, so it’s no wonder that I’m currently obsessed with a new site called Dronestagram. The name is actually somewhat unfortunate, since the ‘stagram’ part of it brings to mind awkwardly filtered photos of tacos and beer bottles.Continue reading “Dronestagram Is Awesome”

AGPtek Magnetic Lenses For Lumia 920 Review

I saw recently that the Nokia Lumia 920, which I’d been reviewing, could work with the magnetic lens attachments that are so popular for the iPhone. Always one to do fun stuff with smartphone photography, I figured for $18 on Amazon, I’d give them a whirl. I got them just in time for Thanksgiving, soContinue reading “AGPtek Magnetic Lenses For Lumia 920 Review”

This Is Now

I recently came across a project called ‘This Is Now‘. As described on the site itself, it’s “a visual composition which uses real-time updates from Instagram based on users’ geotagged locations. The tool streams photos instantly as soon as they are uploaded and captures a city’s movements, in a fluid story.” So basically, it looksContinue reading “This Is Now”

Vivian Maier’s Photographs

I have a closet fascination with photography. Sometimes I wish I was a talented photographer, while other times I find the idea of using a ‘real camera’ completely absurd (I’m much more into phontography). However, I can definitely appreciate great photography, and one such instance is the photographs taken by Vivian Maier. You won’t findContinue reading “Vivian Maier’s Photographs”

Flickr Finally Innovates Around Location

I love taking photos with my phone. There are so many benefits to using a smartphone for photography that it’s basically a no-brainer (and worth the small sacrifice in quality, in my opinion). One of those benefits is the ability to geo-tag your photos, which adds location coordinates to the EXIF data stored in theContinue reading “Flickr Finally Innovates Around Location”