Cord Cutters: Morselization Of The Web

We “cut the cord” years ago – I honestly don’t remember the last time we had a regular TV signal into our house. It’s fun to call AT&T when we need support on our Uverse account, because most of their call center folks can’t really wrap their heads around how we have a Uverse accountContinue reading “Cord Cutters: Morselization Of The Web”

My Name Is Ricky, And I Am A Cord-Cutter

When I was a kid, my sister used to babysit for a family that didn’t have a TV in their livingroom. The parents kept the TV in a closet, and they brought it out with a DVD player periodically, and let the kids watch pre-approved shows. It boggled my mind how those kids survived. NowContinue reading “My Name Is Ricky, And I Am A Cord-Cutter”

CES 2012 Is A Wrap

It’s Friday, and I’m finally home after a week in Las Vegas wandering around the monstrous show floors of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, looking at all the gadgets that were announced only days before. From smartphones to ultrabooks to massive TVs to the craziest accessories you could never dream up, it was a trip,Continue reading “CES 2012 Is A Wrap”