3D Printing The Future Of Animation

It’s no secret I’m slightly obsessed with 3D printing. It’s a really fascinating process, and it’s only poised to get better. Cheaper, faster printers, larger print beds, more ‘ink’ options, etc. While the technology is improving, people will also find new ways to use the technology. Such is the case of DBLG, a design/3D animationContinue reading “3D Printing The Future Of Animation”

Batman: Dark Knightfall Stop-Motion

Confession: my little brother usually had much cooler toys than me, including a full lineup of Batman action-figures, along with the Batmobile and a bunch of playsets and whatnot. That didn’t stop me from playing with them, though. When he and I were younger, we used to spend HOURS shooting our own stop-motion videos withContinue reading “Batman: Dark Knightfall Stop-Motion”