Thingiverse Finally Gets A Competitor In Pirate3D’s Treasure Island

Fun pirate branding aside, I’m really glad to see the emergence of Pirate3D’s new 3D project repository, appropriately dubbed ‘Treasure Island‘. While consumer-level 3D printers are now a thing, CAD and similar design skills aren’t really something the average consumer really has, currently. Thus, most people, when they get their first 3D printer, end upContinue reading “Thingiverse Finally Gets A Competitor In Pirate3D’s Treasure Island”

3D Printing The Future Of Animation

It’s no secret I’m slightly obsessed with 3D printing. It’s a really fascinating process, and it’s only poised to get better. Cheaper, faster printers, larger print beds, more ‘ink’ options, etc. While the technology is improving, people will also find new ways to use the technology. Such is the case of DBLG, a design/3D animationContinue reading “3D Printing The Future Of Animation”

You Can Design And Build Like Iron Man Today

One of the best parts of the Iron Man movie series is Tony Stark’s lab/workshop. He’s got these crazy Minority Report-style 3D gesture-driven interfaces that allow him to physically manipulate a digital projection. It looks awesome in the movie, and it sounds really futuristic, but the fact is, we have the technology to do thisContinue reading “You Can Design And Build Like Iron Man Today”

Countdown to World Maker Faire 2012 In New York

I just got the official word from work – I get to go to the World Maker Faire in New York, NY, later this fall! It’s my third Maker Faire, and it’s honestly one of the top events that I look forward to every year, for a few reasons. If you haven’t been to aContinue reading “Countdown to World Maker Faire 2012 In New York”

In 2012, I Ordered A Custom-Built Robot Off The Internet

The future is here. In 2012, I went to a website on my computer, designed my own robot – every piece, part, and color – and had him shipped directly to my desk at work. It was easy, it was fun, and it only cost me $30. And I’m convinced it’s the future. Of course,Continue reading “In 2012, I Ordered A Custom-Built Robot Off The Internet”