This Hexapod Is Cool And Creepy

In most sci-fi movies, there are various types of robots that can move around on their own. Sometimes, they look like humans (called Androids), and sometimes, they don’t (think R2-D2). As engineers explore different capabilities, we’re sure to continue to see different types of robots. Norwegian engineer Kåre Halvorsen recently built what he calls ‘MorpHex MKII’,Continue reading “This Hexapod Is Cool And Creepy”

In 2012, I Ordered A Custom-Built Robot Off The Internet

The future is here. In 2012, I went to a website on my computer, designed my own robot – every piece, part, and color – and had him shipped directly to my desk at work. It was easy, it was fun, and it only cost me $30. And I’m convinced it’s the future. Of course,Continue reading “In 2012, I Ordered A Custom-Built Robot Off The Internet”

NAO Next Gen: One Step Closer To The Future

As a tech geek, I’m constantly looking at the technology that we have available today and how I think it will progress over the next few years. I’m also firmly convinced that technology should enrich and enable our real lives, without getting in the way. One way tech will do that in the future isContinue reading “NAO Next Gen: One Step Closer To The Future”