I Own Three Selfie Sticks – A Review

That’s right. I officially own three different selfie sticks. The first one I bought back in 2008 – we didn’t call them “selfie sticks” back then, it was an “extendable handheld tripod”. The second one I got two weeks ago, at SocialFresh 2015, as some hand-out swag from Cision. The third was offered heavily discountedContinue reading “I Own Three Selfie Sticks – A Review”

Instagram Hits Android, Let The Phoneography Begin!

Ever since I had my Nokia 6620 so many years ago, I’ve been obsessed with phoneography (photography using phones). As I progressed from the 6620 to the 6682 to the N73 to my precious N95-3 and onwards, I’ve never really understood why ‘normobs’ would want to tote around a digital camera. Who needs another deviceContinue reading “Instagram Hits Android, Let The Phoneography Begin!”

Flickr Finally Innovates Around Location

I love taking photos with my phone. There are so many benefits to using a smartphone for photography that it’s basically a no-brainer (and worth the small sacrifice in quality, in my opinion). One of those benefits is the ability to geo-tag your photos, which adds location coordinates to the EXIF data stored in theContinue reading “Flickr Finally Innovates Around Location”

Nokia Does Phontography, Droid Doesn’t

When I decided to dump my Symbian-powered smartphones and pick up the Nexus One, I knew there would be some sacrifices involved. One of the biggest things that I knew I would be giving up is a solid phontography experience. If you don’t know, ‘phontography‘ is photography using phones. I’m a huge fan of phontography,Continue reading “Nokia Does Phontography, Droid Doesn’t”