Nokia N8 Reviews Show Lack Of Attention To Detail

The Nokia N8 has been out for a week or so, but reviewers for major sites have had their units for around 2 weeks, so we’re starting to see reviews pop up all over the Internet. I’ve done my best to read as many of these reviews as I can. Since I have yet toContinue reading “Nokia N8 Reviews Show Lack Of Attention To Detail”

Nokia Does Phontography, Droid Doesn’t

When I decided to dump my Symbian-powered smartphones and pick up the Nexus One, I knew there would be some sacrifices involved. One of the biggest things that I knew I would be giving up is a solid phontography experience. If you don’t know, ‘phontography‘ is photography using phones. I’m a huge fan of phontography,Continue reading “Nokia Does Phontography, Droid Doesn’t”