SCUBA Mask POV Camera Seems Cool

My wife and I got SCUBA certified last year, and took a dive trip to Cozumel, Mexico (I highly recommend Scuba Club Cozumel if you’re looking – it was an awesome experience). Given this was our first open-ocean dive, we both decided to just enjoy the initial experience, rather than rent or borrow an underwaterContinue reading “SCUBA Mask POV Camera Seems Cool”

Nokia Does Phontography, Droid Doesn’t

When I decided to dump my Symbian-powered smartphones and pick up the Nexus One, I knew there would be some sacrifices involved. One of the biggest things that I knew I would be giving up is a solid phontography experience. If you don’t know, ‘phontography‘ is photography using phones. I’m a huge fan of phontography,Continue reading “Nokia Does Phontography, Droid Doesn’t”