Instagram Hits Android, Let The Phoneography Begin!

Ever since I had my Nokia 6620 so many years ago, I’ve been obsessed with phoneography (photography using phones). As I progressed from the 6620 to the 6682 to the N73 to my precious N95-3 and onwards, I’ve never really understood why ‘normobs’ would want to tote around a digital camera. Who needs another device to keep charged, worry about, etc?

When I started as the Social Media Community Manager at RadioShack, we already had an Instagram account, and I’ll be honest – I hated it. I wanted to shut it down, but my coworker at the time loved it (she was the one who started it), and so I kept it around. Eventually, I set it up on our iPhone at the office and started exploring the community periodically. Much to my chagrin, I found that it was actually a really cool community.

Standing Guard

Of course, there are junkies who spam Instagram, posting ‘photos’ that are basically screenshots of the Notes app on iPhone with random messages, images that say ‘Double-tap if you hate cancer’ (double-tapping is a shortcut to clicking ‘like’, so they’re just gaming for likes) and people who add about 50 hashtags to their images in the hopes that they’ll get on the ‘Popular’ page or something.

However, there are some legitimately interesting people on Instagram. I like to think that my photos are interesting, but I also follow awesome folks like Om Malik of GigaOm, and recently enjoyed his photos from a trip to India.

In any case, you can now use Instagram on Android, which is freakin awesome. I’m ‘rcadden‘ on Instagram, if you’d like to enjoy my photos.

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