Flickr Finally Innovates Around Location

I love taking photos with my phone. There are so many benefits to using a smartphone for photography that it’s basically a no-brainer (and worth the small sacrifice in quality, in my opinion). One of those benefits is the ability to geo-tag your photos, which adds location coordinates to the EXIF data stored in theContinue reading “Flickr Finally Innovates Around Location”

Google Latitude Introduces Auto-Checkins

The location-based frenzy has gotten really interesting over the past 12-18 months, and gets more interesting almost daily, especially with the latest ‘check-in’ bonanza. However, current iterations, such as Foursquare, GoWalla, and GetGlue all require you to manually click the ‘check-in’ button. It requires you to do something to share your location with whatever groupContinue reading “Google Latitude Introduces Auto-Checkins”

Why Is Navigation Circular and Not Linear?

A few nights ago, Christina and I were driving down to Corsicana to pick up our niece for the weekend. While driving, I decided that I needed to find a QuikTrip to get a good drink. Having just installed Google’s new Voice Search update, I tapped the shortcut I’d setup and said ‘Find the nearestContinue reading “Why Is Navigation Circular and Not Linear?”