AGPtek Magnetic Lenses For Lumia 920 Review

I saw recently that the Nokia Lumia 920, which I’d been reviewing, could work with the magnetic lens attachments that are so popular for the iPhone. Always one to do fun stuff with smartphone photography, I figured for $18 on Amazon, I’d give them a whirl. I got them just in time for Thanksgiving, soContinue reading “AGPtek Magnetic Lenses For Lumia 920 Review”

Instagram Hits Android, Let The Phoneography Begin!

Ever since I had my Nokia 6620 so many years ago, I’ve been obsessed with phoneography (photography using phones). As I progressed from the 6620 to the 6682 to the N73 to my precious N95-3 and onwards, I’ve never really understood why ‘normobs’ would want to tote around a digital camera. Who needs another deviceContinue reading “Instagram Hits Android, Let The Phoneography Begin!”