Spending Time With The Normobs – iPhone

As mentioned previously, while searching for job opportunities, I’ve been spending time with normobs at a cell phone kiosk. It’s given me an interesting look at ‘normobs’ in the real world, how they shop for phones, and the things they ‘know’ about cell phones. One thing I was hoping to get some insight on is the iPhone. We do not carry the iPhone at my location, but have plenty of people ask for it. We do, however, have the Samsung Eternity, which, for the most part, offers a similar experience. Both have 3 megapixel cameras, 3G, GPS, full touchscreen, etc. Of course, the Eternity doesn’t have WiFi (though most consumers, I’ve noticed, could care less), nor does it have the apps. I honestly figured the apps would be a bigger deal.

Here’s the scenario – it happens at least 3-4 times per day, every day.

Consumer – Do you guys have the iPhone?

Salesperson – No, but we do have the Samsung Eternity. It has most of the same features as the iPhone – same camera, touchscreen, GPS, etc, but it’s alot cheaper! The phone itself is only $50, and the monthly data plan is only $15, instead of $30 for the iPhone

Consumer – (picks up the phone and looks at it) Cool.

At that point, the consumer either purchases it or doesn’t. However, one thing that I have yet to hear in response from the consumer is ‘Does it have apps like the iPhone?’ Given the iPhone and its marketing and all in the geek world, I really expected to hear this objection 100% of the time, but I have yet to hear it personally. I’ve asked my coworkers, who also use the same sales pitch to overcome the lack of iPhone in our shop, and they reported only hearing it once or twice.

While of course this isn’t scientific research by any measure, I just found it interesting.

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