A Week With The Samsung Galaxy S4

After tweeting that I was using a Samsung Galaxy S4, I had a handful of people ask that I put together my thoughts on the device, so here they are. Please note, this is not a review, just my thoughts. It’s not intended to be comprehensive or reflective of heavy personal use. My first SamsungContinue reading “A Week With The Samsung Galaxy S4”

Google LG Nexus 4 Unboxing And First Impressions

When the LG-built Google Nexus 4 was leaked, I was unimpressed. I’ve never really liked LG for…well….anything. Back in the day, they were known for making the absolute most crappy GSM handsets, mostly the uber-cheap freebie flip phones and such. However, they have, admittedly, been stepping up their game. When the spec’s and price wereContinue reading “Google LG Nexus 4 Unboxing And First Impressions”

First Impressions Of The Samsung Galaxy Nexus

About a month ago, my wife and I switched from T-Mobile to StraightTalk, based mainly on Kevin Tofel’s recommendation. More on that in a future post. Switching from T-Mobile to AT&T (through StraightTalk), we both needed new phones. I got Christina an iPhone 4 to hold her over until the next iPhone comes out, butContinue reading “First Impressions Of The Samsung Galaxy Nexus”

Choices That Phone Manufacturers Need To Stop

I love technology, and I love smartphones. I really love switching between different smartphones to find the little things that manufacturers use to set themselves apart. Unfortunately, that also tends to highlight the annoying things that manufacturers do that provide a poor user experience. Some of these might just be on accident, while others veryContinue reading “Choices That Phone Manufacturers Need To Stop”

CES 2012 Is A Wrap

It’s Friday, and I’m finally home after a week in Las Vegas wandering around the monstrous show floors of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, looking at all the gadgets that were announced only days before. From smartphones to ultrabooks to massive TVs to the craziest accessories you could never dream up, it was a trip,Continue reading “CES 2012 Is A Wrap”

My Third Klout Perk – Windows Phone – Part 2

Yesterday I detailed my third Klout Perk, this one from Windows Phone that included a free Windows Phone device, along with VIP access to a private party and concert in Dallas with Young The Giant. You can read about the party here, but today I want to talk about the device. I also want toContinue reading “My Third Klout Perk – Windows Phone – Part 2”

Samsung’s Flexible Transparent AMOLED Displays Are Awesome

One my favorite videos from the onslaught that was CES 2011 was probably also one of the shortest, showing off Samsung’s new flexible and transparent AMOLED displays. These don’t seem to be full production-ready just yet, but they have some really awesome potential uses, nonetheless. Think back to some of your favorite science-fiction movies, especiallyContinue reading “Samsung’s Flexible Transparent AMOLED Displays Are Awesome”

Samsung Announces TL220 ‘Duh’ Digital Camera

Every now and again in the technology world, someone releases a ‘duh’ product or feature. It’s not normally all that innovative or technologically advanced, but rather one of those things that simply make you think ‘duh’. Today’s example is the new Samsung DualView TL220 digital camera. The Samsung DualView TL220 is a relatively high-end 12.2Continue reading “Samsung Announces TL220 ‘Duh’ Digital Camera”

Spending Time With The Normobs – iPhone

As mentioned previously, while searching for job opportunities, I’ve been spending time with normobs at a cell phone kiosk. It’s given me an interesting look at ‘normobs’ in the real world, how they shop for phones, and the things they ‘know’ about cell phones. One thing I was hoping to get some insight on isContinue reading “Spending Time With The Normobs – iPhone”

Hands-On With The Samsung MBP200 Pico Projector

One of the more interesting announcements at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (in my opinion, anyways) is the Samsung MBP200. This little device is roughly the size of a normal candybar cell phone, and houses an actual projector – yes, a projector. However, there’s more to it than that. Because projectors are only useful inContinue reading “Hands-On With The Samsung MBP200 Pico Projector”