Warner Brothers App Edition Movies Could Be The Future

If you can remember back this far, movies weren’t always available to download over the Internet. Even before DVDs, you got movies on what’s called a ‘VHS’ (Video Home System). These large cassettes were quite simple, but used a magnetic tape coiled inside to show video content in sequential format. Unlike DVDs, if you wantedContinue reading “Warner Brothers App Edition Movies Could Be The Future”

Spending Time With The Normobs – iPhone

As mentioned previously, while searching for job opportunities, I’ve been spending time with normobs at a cell phone kiosk. It’s given me an interesting look at ‘normobs’ in the real world, how they shop for phones, and the things they ‘know’ about cell phones. One thing I was hoping to get some insight on isContinue reading “Spending Time With The Normobs – iPhone”

On The iPhone Upgrade Plans

So, Apple announced a new iPhone the other day, and everyone got excited. That is, they were excited until AT&T and O2 revealed their pricing plans for existing iPhone lovers to get their new upgrade. Apparently, heaven forbid, both carriers plan to <gasp> require that consumers complete their current contract before they will be eligibleContinue reading “On The iPhone Upgrade Plans”

Boingo Knows Good PR

A few weeks ago, the Sling Player for iPhone was released through the App Store, though unfortunately users quickly discovered that it was barred from using the 3G cellular connection – only WiFi. Obvious iPhone-bashing opportunity aside (I used Sling on my unbranded phones over 3G with zero issues), that just plain sucks for iPhoneContinue reading “Boingo Knows Good PR”

Chrysler GEM Peapod Shows How Auto Manufacturers Can Innovate

The auto industry, specifically in the U.S., is in the crapper, along with the economy. One of the major reasons is because they produce boring cars. Despite the massive amount of innovation taking place in wireless, mobile, and consumer electronics, the offerings from Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, and others has been pretty stale. Of course, theyContinue reading “Chrysler GEM Peapod Shows How Auto Manufacturers Can Innovate”

Consumers Don’t Want To Browse Desktop Websites On Their Phones

Consumer’s don’t *want* to browse the desktop web on their phones. It’s a brave statement to make, but I firmly believe it. The sad fact is, they need it, which is evidenced by the success of the iPhone’s web browser, as well as applications such as Opera Mini and Skyfire. Let me explain: The ‘mobileContinue reading “Consumers Don’t Want To Browse Desktop Websites On Their Phones”

I’m Proud That Abilene Christian University Is My Alma Mater

When I chose Abilene Christian University for my degree, it wasn’t a very educated decision. I was already in Abilene, looking at Hardin Simmons University, and had some spare time. My mom, who was with me, suggested that we check out ACU, while we were in town, and I thought, ‘why not?’ It turned outContinue reading “I’m Proud That Abilene Christian University Is My Alma Mater”

Irony At Its Finest

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I don’t pirate stuff. Obviously, I have OS X running on a Dell Mini 9 (though I would argue that’s different, another post for another day). You can follow me online all day long if you want to get more details than that. In any case,Continue reading “Irony At Its Finest”

Mobile Phone Companies Are Getting Smarter

Now, don’t close out yet, hear me out. I’ve noticed that two mobile-related companies are actually getting smarter, and taking advantage of things that typically only gadget freaks see and care about. I present two instances, Nokia’s FaceTheTask.com minisite, and AT&T’s iPhone 3G unboxing video. Starting with Nokia, we have the FaceTheTask.com minisite, which outlinesContinue reading “Mobile Phone Companies Are Getting Smarter”

What Would An ‘iPhone Killer’ Look Like?

I hate to even bring up the iPhone here, because I’m guaranteed a flood of fanboys saying that I’m an iPhone hater and that I just don’t get it, blah blah blah. However, I have an honest question, and I’m hoping for at least a few honest answers. Since the iPhone came out, everyone’s beenContinue reading “What Would An ‘iPhone Killer’ Look Like?”