Spending Time With The Normobs – iPhone

As mentioned previously, while searching for job opportunities, I’ve been spending time with normobs at a cell phone kiosk. It’s given me an interesting look at ‘normobs’ in the real world, how they shop for phones, and the things they ‘know’ about cell phones. One thing I was hoping to get some insight on isContinue reading “Spending Time With The Normobs – iPhone”

Spinvox Loves Your Accent

I’m a massive fan of Spinvox. It’s no secret, I rave about them periodically on Symbian-Guru. If you’re sick of hassling with dialing in for your messages, give it a look, it’s awesome to get your voicemail delivered as an SMS. Pitches aside, my buddy James Whatley at Spinvox has worked up a really coolContinue reading “Spinvox Loves Your Accent”

Mobile Phone Companies Are Getting Smarter

Now, don’t close out yet, hear me out. I’ve noticed that two mobile-related companies are actually getting smarter, and taking advantage of things that typically only gadget freaks see and care about. I present two instances, Nokia’s FaceTheTask.com minisite, and AT&T’s iPhone 3G unboxing video. Starting with Nokia, we have the FaceTheTask.com minisite, which outlinesContinue reading “Mobile Phone Companies Are Getting Smarter”