I Ditched Facebook’s Apps And It Is Awesome

A couple of months ago, I uninstalled the Facebook apps I had on my phone. It was only three – the actual Facebook app, the Messenger app, and the Pages Manager app. And it was the best decision I’ve made in a while (at least pertaining to apps and whatnot). Here’s why: I primarily uninstalledContinue reading “I Ditched Facebook’s Apps And It Is Awesome”

Spending Time With The Normobs – iPhone

As mentioned previously, while searching for job opportunities, I’ve been spending time with normobs at a cell phone kiosk. It’s given me an interesting look at ‘normobs’ in the real world, how they shop for phones, and the things they ‘know’ about cell phones. One thing I was hoping to get some insight on isContinue reading “Spending Time With The Normobs – iPhone”

Yahoo Believes In App Fatigue, Do You?

I caught this piece on MoCoNews.com (great site, btw) earlier today, with Yahoo claiming that they see the beginnings of App Fatigue setting in, specifically in the mobile arena, and are building their mobile offerings around that observation. I definitely want to start by saying that I don’t really think Yahoo has ever been 100%Continue reading “Yahoo Believes In App Fatigue, Do You?”