A Quick Note About Social Imagery

Working in social media for the past 5+ years, I’ve seen various types of content rise and fall in popularity. I remember, while working at RadioShack, when we began to see that image-centric social content was significantly more engaging than text-only. It took us a couple of months to figure this new medium out, and more specifically, what our ‘visual voice’ was.

The truth is, this changes, even for a brand, over time, just like it does for an individual. As such, it’s always interesting to see how others are doing it, and what types of imagery I relate to, and what turns me off.

Today, I came across this tweet from Patrón tequila:


What I like about this is that it’s simply an announcement of an award/achievement that their driver got recently. Any other brand would have re-cropped the original ad in the paper to a ‘social-friendly’ version and called it a day. Patrón, however, decided to share this in a way that’s more interesting, and less braggy. Showing the ad as part of a newspaper, complete with morning coffee, is a much softer, friendlier way to share the announcement.

Great job to team at Patrón.

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