Trimming In Public Post 11

The Trimming In Public series is a way for me to share my RSS feeds with you, while at the same time, cleaning the list out for feeds that are dead or no longer of interest. Hopefully, you’ll find something new along the way that you’d like to add to your subscriptions.

Trimming In Public

201. Whatleydude – James Whatley has been an online friend for YEARS, and has done some pretty incredible things in his own career. He’s also an active blogger, and spurs me to blog more, which is good. James is also the co-host of The Voicemail, one of my favorite podcasts (along with my friend Stefan Constantinescu).

Determination: KEEP

202. WOOT! – This is the feed for WOOT – a ‘deals’ site that’s unique in that it only posts a single product to buy, and when they sell out, you have to wait till the next day to buy something else. Woot was actually bought by Amazon, and the only time I’m really aware is when they have a ‘woot-off’ and it floods my feed.

Determination: ELIMINATE

203. WPCentral – Easily the best Windows Phone-centric blog on the Internet. However, I don’t own any Windows Phones, nor do I really intend to in the near future.

Determination: ELIMINATE

204. XBox Live’s Major Nelson – I don’t know the full story of how this dude got his position, but basically, it’s a Microsoft-owned Xbox blog. Good stuff, and a great source of information on upcoming games, current sales, etc.

Determination: KEEP

205. XDA-Developers – XDA-Developers is what makes Android devices worth owning. This community of developers, hackers, and users takes me back to the hey-day of Howard Forums, and I absolutely love the community there.

Determination: KEEP

206. Zatz Not Funny – I ‘met’ Dave Zatz over 5 years ago when he was doing PR or something for Slingbox. He sent me a review unit, and we kept in touch. We had the opportunity to meet in person a few years ago at CES, and his blog’s a great resource, especially for a cord-cutter like me.

Determination: KEEP

That’s it. Those are my current RSS subscriptions, give or take a few that were completely dead, or that I added while I was putting this series together. Hopefully you found some new feeds in this, and my RSS inbox will definitely be more clean.

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