Moto X First Impressions

So I sold my Nexus 5 and bought a Moto X through Mainly just cause I was bored with my Nexus 5, but also because I’ve been interested in the Moto X for a while, and my curiosity finally got the best of me.

I bought a GSM Unlocked 64GB MotoX, which is twice the storage as my Nexus 5. Using Motorola’s cool MotoMaker service, I bought the one I’d built dozens of times – blue with orange accents and a white front, and I sprung for a matching shell case, as well. Here’s what Motorola told me it would look like

MotoMaker Preview

And here’s what it actually looks like. Not bad. I even added a signature at the bottom, “always have fun”. It’s a great life motto.


First Impressions

I’ve held a Moto X before, but hadn’t really spent much time with one powered on. The packaging is great (sorry, I didn’t do an unboxing video this time around). The case that I bought with it is quite nice. It consists of a colored bumper that covers the buttons but leaves the headphone and charging ports open, and a clear plastic back, with a cutout for the camera, flash, and speaker. It’s very similar to the Ringke Fusion case I had on my Nexus 4.

The software is pretty standard. It’s nice to see that Motorola has left it pretty much stock Android (v4.4.3), but they’ve added a few custom apps, which I’ll cover later, but can be found here. Mostly these software features are ones that can be replicated with 3rd party apps, but being built-in they’re more polished, and in some cases, more functional. Also, since I bought an unlocked one, it didn’t come with any disgusting carrier bloatware.

I’ll add more once I’ve had a chance to actually use the phone for a few weeks. Thus far, I’m pleased with the decision.

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