I’m On The Voicemail

The Voicemail

I posted about The Voicemail a few months ago, after Stefan and James’ inaugural post. It’s now the only podcast I listen to – I make time every week to listen in, and when I can, scribble down my notes/comments to feed back to these two. I’ve known Stefan and James both for years, mostly online (though I’ve officially met Stefan several times, I’ve never had the pleasure of physically meeting James), and I love listening to the two of them discuss things.

You can imagine my honor, then, when James pinged me one afternoon a few weeks ago, letting me know he was going on holiday, and if I was interested in being the first official guest on The Voicemail! As expected, it was definitely a highlight of my week to spend 30+ minutes chatting with Stefan about technology (we even managed to avoid mentioning Nokia, for the most part!).

You can listen to the episode below – I’d HIGHLY recommend you subscribe to The Voicemail in iTunes or whatever you use for podcasts. If you don’t listen to podcasts, this is a great one to start with. Go ahead. DO IT.


(The image is one that James sketched while on holiday, imagining Stefan and me on our mics. Classy.)

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