Podcasts I Recommend

Since I started my new job at TripCase, my commute went from about 15 minutes to about 50 minutes – quite the leap. I’ve actually been enjoying it, having finally discovered the time to listen to podcasts again. Over the past few months, I’ve explored quite a few podcasts, and wanted to share the shortlistContinue reading “Podcasts I Recommend”

I’m On The Voicemail

I posted about The Voicemail a few months ago, after Stefan and James’ inaugural post. It’s now the only podcast I listen to – I make time every week to listen in, and when I can, scribble down my notes/comments to feed back to these two. I’ve known Stefan and James both for years, mostlyContinue reading “I’m On The Voicemail”

Introducing The Voicemail

I used to listen to podcasts religiously – I downloaded them straight to my phone and listened to them on my Bluetooth headset back in the day. That was back when I had an hour commute to and from work, so I had plenty of time to listen. I don’t anymore, but I’m going toContinue reading “Introducing The Voicemail”