I’m On The Voicemail

I posted about The Voicemail a few months ago, after Stefan and James’ inaugural post. It’s now the only podcast I listen to – I make time every week to listen in, and when I can, scribble down my notes/comments to feed back to these two. I’ve known Stefan and James both for years, mostlyContinue reading “I’m On The Voicemail”

Real Life And Gadgets

I just read this awesome post from my friend Antoine about how he met our mutual online friend Trent in real life the other day. The two apparently had a great time discussing tech, and the conversation eventually moved to something that I firmly believe in: Technology should enrich and enable your real life, andContinue reading “Real Life And Gadgets”

Medicinal Technology Enriching And Enabling Real Life

When I hear the word ‘technology’, I normally thing about smartphones, video games, virtual reality, and location-based services. Very rarely do I think of any wearable devices or medicine, but that has changed recently. I’ve always said that technology should enrich and enable your real life, and I’ve just gotten one of the best examplesContinue reading “Medicinal Technology Enriching And Enabling Real Life”

Technology Enriching And Enabling Real Life

This past week, my wife and I announced that we’re pregnant. We had our first ultrasound (for this baby, and for us), and got to hear our child’s heartbeat for a few precious seconds. We got to see it, sort of (I still can’t see much in our sonogram, lol), at only 10 weeks intoContinue reading “Technology Enriching And Enabling Real Life”

Stuff I Choose Not To Live Without

Zach @ The Outsidr posted his list of products that he simply can’t live without earlier, and as any blogger with nothing to talk about is prone to do, I’m going to carry on his ‘meme’ with my own list. Yes, of course we *could* live without these things, if absolutely necessary, so I’ve renamedContinue reading “Stuff I Choose Not To Live Without”