Modernity In The Absence Of Humanity

My friend James Whatley has a passion for snapping photos of London’s Tube stations when they’re completely empty. He contributes to a great group on Flickr called Empty Underground, and the images are awesome – scenic displays of architecture and technology completely devoid of the humans that created and built them.

Recently in L.A., a U.S. city known for its high traffic, construction crews had to shut down various bits of highway for some major renovations. This quickly became known as ‘Carmageddon‘, and gave way to some pretty cool videos shot by Ross Ching. I caught wind of this video from Om Malik, whom I’ve followed for a while. I’d highly recommend you read his personal blog, there’s good stuff there.

Anyways, similar to Empty Underground, Ross’s video is a chilling depiction of a modern city that’s completely devoid of humans. Very cool stuff, and difficult to capture, much less imagine, really.

Running on Empty from Ross Ching on Vimeo.

BTW – if you love watching online videos, but you hate the mindless dribble that permeates YouTube, I’d highly recommend you spend some time exploring Vimeo. Sure, there’s still some mindless dribble, but you’re so much more likely to stumble upon some really awesome videos. It’s so worth it.

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