Aurora Borealis Over Norway

One of the top items on my bucket list is to see the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. I’d love to go somewhere foreign to do this, like Greenland or Scandinavia. While I’m saving up the money to get over there with my wife (and potentially daughter, depending on how long it takes me toContinue reading “Aurora Borealis Over Norway”

How To Kick Start Social With Google+

A few weeks ago, I was invited to join a Google+ hangout focused on how brands and companies can use Google+ to kick start their social activity. Lots of people like to hate on Google+, particularly in the ‘social media’ industry, and particularly me.  It can be extremely frustrating to use, as a business, and evenContinue reading “How To Kick Start Social With Google+”

Lights Over Lapland

My fascination with Aurora Borealis is something that I’ve shared here before, and it’s something I’ll share here again, even after this post. In any case, I wanted to share this video called “Lights Over Lapland” which took over 3 years to capture and produce. Simply astounding. Seriously, close whatever else you have open, clickContinue reading “Lights Over Lapland”

Join Me For Daily Google+ Hangouts

Ah, Google+. Social Media folks like me love to hate on Google+, mainly because we’re essentially being forced to use it, as we rely on Google for just about everything else (SEO, search, ads, etc). While I don’t know that Google+ will ever unseat Facebook as the go-to social networking service, it’s pretty clear thatContinue reading “Join Me For Daily Google+ Hangouts”

Why I Love Vimeo (And Tolerate YouTube)

I’ve been doing online videos for years – the first video on my YouTube channel was uploaded in June of 2007, and I’ve made many more than show up on my personal YouTube channel. I hosted a weekly video podcast that ran for nearly 2 years, and even today, with my job at RadioShack, IContinue reading “Why I Love Vimeo (And Tolerate YouTube)”

Qik Keeps On Improving, Adds Premium Features To Android

When the whole notion of streaming live video from your phone to the Internet came around, there were basically two companies doing it – Flixwagon and Qik. Both got their start on Nokia’s Symbian-powered smartphones – in fact, I even live-streamed my wedding using Nokia N82s, the Nokia DT-22 tripod, and Flixwagon. Unfortunately, Flixwagon isContinue reading “Qik Keeps On Improving, Adds Premium Features To Android”

SCUBA Mask POV Camera Seems Cool

My wife and I got SCUBA certified last year, and took a dive trip to Cozumel, Mexico (I highly recommend Scuba Club Cozumel if you’re looking – it was an awesome experience). Given this was our first open-ocean dive, we both decided to just enjoy the initial experience, rather than rent or borrow an underwaterContinue reading “SCUBA Mask POV Camera Seems Cool”

Modernity In The Absence Of Humanity

My friend James Whatley has a passion for snapping photos of London’s Tube stations when they’re completely empty. He contributes to a great group on Flickr called Empty Underground, and the images are awesome – scenic displays of architecture and technology completely devoid of the humans that created and built them. Recently in L.A., aContinue reading “Modernity In The Absence Of Humanity”