Verizon’s CEO Is An Idiot

Wow, and people wonder why CDMA handsets and networks, in the U.S., are so locked down, and why I’ll stick with GSM regardless. Here’s a recent interview with Ivan Seidenberg, that’s the CEO of Verizon, proclaiming that mobile carriers will be able to resist turning into dumb pipes by locking everything down so that consumers don’t have any choice but to use in-network garbage.

As someone who’s been happily using AT&T’s data network with unlocked/unbranded Nokia S60-powered smartphones – and paying them monthly for unlimited access, I can easily say that with this guy in charge, there’s no way I’d sign up for Verizon’s service – period.

I do believe that this is the same CEO who sounded shocked a while back that someone would expect their mobile phone to work inside their home. Yeah, he sounds like someone I’d want in charge of my mobile network……

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