Everything You Never Cared To Know About Lego

I’ve had this in my starred items for a while now and finally sat down to read the full on interview that Gizmodo had with the fine folks at Lego. If you’re, well, anyways, as you know, Lego is a brand of toy blocks that you can build stuff with. You can get just a big bucket full of blocks, or you can buy pre-made sets that have the exact pieces you need to build a specific item, such as an Indiana Jones adventure set or a Pirate Ship or something.

Gizmodo took a break from typical gadget posting to visit with Lego and got some really cool coverage. If you’ve ever touched a Lego brick in your life, I’d recommend you check it out. You can read it here, and get all of their Lego coverage here.

A few fun facts:

1. Lego is the world’s largest producer of vehicle tires

2.  Approximately 7 Lego sets are sold every SECOND around the world

3.  More than 400 BILLION Lego bricks have been produced since 1958 – roughly 62 for each person of the Earth’s population.

Fascinating, and kudos to Gizmodo for thinking outside of the brick….er……box.

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