Verizon Wireless Offering $10 ‘Social’ Plan Is Scary

Recently, Verizon Wireless announced a new data plan for its BlackBerry Curve 3G smartphone – dubbed the ‘Social Messaging Data Package.’ This plan is only $10/month, which is about 1/3rd the price of a normal data plan, but it severely limits the user. You get 75MB of data (PLEASE stop offering consumers bucket data plansContinue reading “Verizon Wireless Offering $10 ‘Social’ Plan Is Scary”

Seesmic For Android Adds Multiple Account Support

Not but a few minutes after I posted my thoughts on TweetCaster for Android, Loic LeMur, who I had the pleasure of meeting last year at SXSW, announced an updated version of Seesmic for Android, complete with multiple account support! Of course I downloaded the update as soon as I could, to check out theContinue reading “Seesmic For Android Adds Multiple Account Support”

First Impressions Of The HTC Eris And Android

Yesterday I received my personal HTC Eris from Verizon, which is powered by Android v1.5 currently (a v2.x upgrade is supposedly coming soon). This is my first Android-powered smartphone, and honestly, I’m kind of excited about checking things out on a personal phone. I’ve been solid Symbian since the Nokia 6620, with a few foraysContinue reading “First Impressions Of The HTC Eris And Android”

The Truth Behind The Nokia Booklet 3G Pricing

I’ll admit, it’s tough to understand the concept of a netbook, for some. I mean, it’s *almost* the regular cost of a low-end notebook, but it’s smaller, and tends to be less capable in terms of processing power and that sort of thing. However, there’s tons of inaccuracies floating around out there, specifically in regardsContinue reading “The Truth Behind The Nokia Booklet 3G Pricing”

Boingo Makes Bank From Verizon

I’ve praised Boingo here before – they’re simply awesome, specifically if you travel and need to stay connected. Recently, Boingo signed a 4-year extension with Verizon to offer free WiFi to Verizon’s FiOS and High Speed Internet customers. This is a big deal, and here’s why: For starters, this would be an even bigger dealContinue reading “Boingo Makes Bank From Verizon”

Verizon’s CEO Is An Idiot

Wow, and people wonder why CDMA handsets and networks, in the U.S., are so locked down, and why I’ll stick with GSM regardless. Here’s a recent interview with Ivan Seidenberg, that’s the CEO of Verizon, proclaiming that mobile carriers will be able to resist turning into dumb pipes by locking everything down so that consumersContinue reading “Verizon’s CEO Is An Idiot”