Duracell myGrid Is Freakin Brilliant

As a phone reviewer, one thing that I have trouble with is cords. Not only do most phones all have their own proprietary charging port, but they also, thus, have their own power cord, which means that I have a constant jungle of power cords going to and from my desk. Mrs. Guru got me one of these fancy cord organizers for Christmas, and it’s helped, but it’s still not a really solid solution. Thus, you can imagine how excited I was to see the Duracell myGrid solution, supposedly coming in October 2009 (that’s next month).


The Duracell myGrid is a wireless charging solution that uses little nubs plugged into your phone’s charging port. To charge your phone, you simple lay it on this grid thing, and boom, you’re charging. Freakin brilliant. Aside from the flat out ‘this is awesome’ benefits of this, the myGrid will also alleviate my previous problem – cords. I’ll have a single cord going to and from my desk, and just keep a handful of those little nub things.

I’ll take 2, please.

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