Moto X: Things I Love

I’ve had the Motorola Moto X for a few weeks now, and am really pleased with my purchase. I’ve already shared my first impressions, so I wanted to list out some of the things that I really love about this phone already.


1. Battery life – good grief, this phone gets great battery life. The other day, I got just over 9hrs out of it. That may not sound impressive, but when you consider that during the time I was streaming music over WiFi and playing it via Bluetooth for about 2 hours, 1 hour of screen-on GPS navigation with music playing (and streaming over BT), another 2 hours of music playback (through regular headphones), a couple of screenshots/photos, a handful of SMS/IMs, and always-on email and Twitter, I’d say that’s pretty stinking impressive.

2. Size – I came from a Nexus 5, which was *just* on the verge of being too big for me. I’m very pleased with the more compact size of the Moto X. It fits amazingly in my hand, and my thumb doesn’t have issues reaching the far corners.

3. Software – I’m pretty impressed with Moto Assist thus far. The ability to read my incoming messages out loud, and then listen for a response, is wonderful. Just the other night, I was in the next room playing with my daughter when a text came in. I was able to hear the text, and shout a response, which my phone heard, processed, and sent. From the next room. Without me touching it once, or seeing the screen. Like magic.

4. Speed – coming from the Nexus 5 (and the Nexus 4 before that), I was slightly concerned that the Moto X would be slightly slower. I’ve been pleased to discover that it’s not at all. In fact, I almost feel like it’s a smidge faster, especially loading graphics-heavy apps and whatnot.

5. Volume – for a phone with a single rear-facing speaker, this thing is LOUD. And clear. I’ve noticed, at least at home, I use my Bluetooth speakers a little bit less than I did with my Nexus 5. I still use them, but I’m not reliant on them to be able to hear my phone.

That’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s definitely the top five things that I’m already loving about my new Moto X.

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