Review: ThinkGeek Glowing Keyboard Stickers

In an attempt to make myself hate my 1000HE less (and make my current toys last longer), I ordered the Glowing Keyboard Stickers from ThinkGeek recently. One of the requirements for my next netbook is that it has a backlit keyboard, so I figured a set of stickers would be the next best thing.

1oooHE Keyboard Before
1oooHE Keyboard Before

I ordered the stickers last week and received them today – normal shipping time for me (I always choose the cheapest shipping option). Total cost: $15.48.

For starters, the name is misleading. As pointed out in the first sentence of the second paragraph of the product description, ‘The Glowing Keyboard Stickers do not glow in the dark.’ Rather, they are highly reflective, supposedly easily taking in any amount of ambient light – such as that from your monitor – and reflecting that brightly. Unfortunately, I was really looking for something that glows in the dark – I should have read the description more carefully.

The stickers arrive on a single sheet, laid out similar to how a keyboard is. They have a matte finish, which is nice, and the blue lettering is easily read, even on the tiny labels on buttons such as the ‘Insert’ button. Each is carefully cut, and I was able to use a pair of tweezers to remove them from the backing and apply them to my keys.

On two buttons, I ended up putting the sticker on a bit crooked and was pleased to find that I could easily lift the sticker off with the tweezers without leaving any residue. The sticker was then easily re-applied to the button – great. Because I was using these on a netbook and not a full-size keyboard, I did have to trim several of the stickers. Using a pair of regular craft scissors, this was quite easily done, and kept everything looking nice.

1000HE Keyboard After
1000HE Keyboard After

Unfortunately, $15.48 and about 2 hours later, I still can’t completely see the keys on my 1000HE while laying in bed in the dark at night. Normally, I literally *lay* in bed, so that my eyes are roughly level with the keyboard. If I sit up a bit (which I should probably be doing anyways) and tilt the screen to more of a 90-degree angle, the keys are, indeed, more easily read.

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend the ThinkGeek Glowing Keyboard Stickers. They don’t really glow, and they were a pain in the butt to install. If you’re looking to simulate a backlit keyboard on your laptop or netbook, look somewhere else.

That being said, after wasting 2 hours of my Tuesday evening applying these things, I’ll be keeping them for at least a few months. If nothing else, the blue matches my 3ACP skin much better than the original labels did.

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5 thoughts on “Review: ThinkGeek Glowing Keyboard Stickers

  1. Thanks for your review. I also use my laptop at night in the dark and can’t read the keys. I tried a USB light, but it just gets in the way and takes up a USB port. After reading your review I think I’ll pass on getting these.

  2. This is probably quite delayed, but I agree with you, I also have hte stickers, but the ‘glow’ effect is even worse than my normal keys. It actually makes it harder to see >.>

  3.  Wow, one year later and I’m commenting. 😛   
    Just bought a set of these in a different, more visible color. They seemed great, until the toner started coming off of the stickers… I examined them more closely, and realized it was standard white Avery Label stock, with the letters cut out. It was reverse printed on a laser printer, and some fluorescent ink applied to it. A waste of $15.

  4. Better idea. buy a transparent waterproof keyboard cover for your model laptop (easy to find on ebay), then get a can of Glow in Dark Transparent spray (green, Blue, or Orange). and Spray the inside of the cover. Baamo!!. you now have glow in dark water proof keyboard cover!
    Keyboard cover: $5.00 – $15.00 (worthwhile investment to protect your laptop anywayz) and a can of glow in dark spray $10.00 (wanna bet you spray the cat, dog, car rims and grandma’s faux Teeth?)

    Get fancy with it, buy standard cheap keyboard stickers, fix them to the inside of the cover, then Spray your glow in dark paint.. Let dry, then remove the stickers or leave them. so that the outside of the keys glow and only the letters dont,

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