Why I Love Vimeo (And Tolerate YouTube)

I’ve been doing online videos for years – the first video on my YouTube channel was uploaded in June of 2007, and I’ve made many more than show up on my personal YouTube channel. I hosted a weekly video podcast that ran for nearly 2 years, and even today, with my job at RadioShack, IContinue reading “Why I Love Vimeo (And Tolerate YouTube)”

Droid Doesn’t Do Video Streaming

Since getting my Nexus One, I’ve been exploring various things I can do with the phone. Some, like music, are awesome experiences. Other experiences, like phontography, kinda suck. I’ve also noticed that video streaming – trying to enjoy video content streamed over either WiFi or cellular networks, is just as bad. Sure, Android has aContinue reading “Droid Doesn’t Do Video Streaming”

Spending Time With The Normobs

While I’m still exploring other job opportunities, I realized that, since I’ve worked from home for the past 2 years, I’ve somewhat lost touch with normobs, and the things that the normal American cellphone consumer is using their phones for, and what they look for in their new phone. You may recall, a few yearsContinue reading “Spending Time With The Normobs”