Checking Out The Nokia WordPress App

I’ve used Nokia’s Symbian-powered smartphones for years and one thing I always wished for was a proper blogging app. There were a few here and there that tried to offer a proper blogging experience, but they always seemed to be missing something. Fortunately, about 2 years ago, a team of folks decided to get seriousContinue reading “Checking Out The Nokia WordPress App”

Day 6: A Retreat

Six days in and I’ve already broken, sort of. While I’m still doing quite well at keeping my personal Internet use limited to my Nexus One, I’ve come across a few instances that simply must be done from my computer. 1. Organizing Flickr photos – while the Flickr Mobile site is refreshingly awesome, it’s stillContinue reading “Day 6: A Retreat”

A Return To Mobile Blogging

A long while ago, I was really obsessed with mobile blogging – that is, blogging from a mobile device. I kept trying from my Symbian-powered smartphones, but kept coming up short. Unfortunately, software was the main limiting factor. There simply are not any great solutions for blogging from a Symbian-powered smartphone, in my experience. Yes,Continue reading “A Return To Mobile Blogging”

Back To Blogging Basics – Comments

The next step to getting back to blogging basics, for, was to eliminate the forum bridge that allowed us to use vBulletin as our comment engine. It was not an easy decision – I had paid $200 for the lifetime vBulletin license, and knew that disconnecting the blog from the forum would eventually leaveContinue reading “Back To Blogging Basics – Comments”

Back To Blogging Basics – Intro

If you don’t already know, I’m the Community Manager behind I started the site in November 2006, and with the help of 2 other authors (and a few who have come and gone), built it to be one of the top Symbian-related blogs on the Internet. Unfortunately, along the way, the site itself hasContinue reading “Back To Blogging Basics – Intro”

Partially Successfully Moved To A New Hosting Account

If you’re seeing this message, it means that I’m 1/3 of the way successful in moving my and sites from a Shared Hosting account at GoDaddy to their new WordPress Hosting account. It’s been a long, jacked up road, but the move should allow more room to grow with less headache onContinue reading “Partially Successfully Moved To A New Hosting Account”

DotMobi’s Got A New WordPress Mobile Plugin

One of my favorite sites for keeping up with things on the mobile web is, written by Dennis Bournique. This guy has a knack for finding cool mobile-friendly websites and services, and is always in the know. Today, Dennis brought news of a new WordPress plugin from DotMobi. I’m currently using Alex King’s WP-MobileContinue reading “DotMobi’s Got A New WordPress Mobile Plugin”

Notes From Geek To Peak At SXSWi

One of the better panels that I attended at SXSWi was called ‘Geek to Peak’, and centered around increasing and building my business as a consultant or freelancer. I found it really interesting, and ended up with a ton of notes. One thing that I’m currently working on is moving from saying ‘I am theContinue reading “Notes From Geek To Peak At SXSWi”