Verizon Wireless Offering $10 ‘Social’ Plan Is Scary

Recently, Verizon Wireless announced a new data plan for its BlackBerry Curve 3G smartphone – dubbed the ‘Social Messaging Data Package.’ This plan is only $10/month, which is about 1/3rd the price of a normal data plan, but it severely limits the user. You get 75MB of data (PLEASE stop offering consumers bucket data plansContinue reading “Verizon Wireless Offering $10 ‘Social’ Plan Is Scary”

Powermat Isn’t Satisfied With Cellphones

Powermat is an awesome example of a tech company embracing my belief that technology should enrich and enable your real life. If you don’t know, Powermat produces wireless charging solutions for cellphones (currently). They use magnetic induction to charge your devices without having to plug them in. Currently, you need to have a Powermat-enabled device,Continue reading “Powermat Isn’t Satisfied With Cellphones”

HTPC Project Completed

After posting a few days ago about how to put together the perfect HTPC, I did some more investigating and chatted with a few of you to come up with the perfect solution, for the time being. First, I needed to get a new video card for my eMachines tower that’s currently storing all myContinue reading “HTPC Project Completed”

ZeeMote Uses Twitter For Customer Satisfaction

I’m an admittedly huge fan of ZeeMote. They make the JS1, which is a Bluetooth gaming remote for cell phones. It’s an absolutely brilliant idea, and well-implemented, too. There’s a ZeeKey application for Symbian-powered smartphones like my Nokia N79, and I recently discovered a ZeeKey application for the Nokia N800, which I need to tryContinue reading “ZeeMote Uses Twitter For Customer Satisfaction”