Driving Home For VloMo

Since I forgot to upload a video for VloMo yesterday, I decided to do two of them today, so I could get back on track. While others have featured me talking to the camera, I decided that my second should be a bit more creative. You can watch ‘Driving Home’ below: httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8dpHJz7W1Q I put theContinue reading “Driving Home For VloMo”

Vlomo10 Video Numero Dos

Just in the nick of time, here’s my Vlomo10 video numero dos. Enjoy, and leave your answer in the comments below. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFbw-DciV10 Btw, yes, I realize the video is upside down. Unfortunately, while the UI on the Nexus One rotates, the camera doesn’t. Also, I thought that YouTube offered some basic video editing tool, includingContinue reading “Vlomo10 Video Numero Dos”

Happy National Videoblogging Posting Month!

My friend James Whatley has been talking about vlomo10 for a few days now and I had mostly ignored him until he published his first video here. I’m a sucker for video blogging (or at least I used to be) and have been wanting to get back to creating content lately, so this is aContinue reading “Happy National Videoblogging Posting Month!”