TweetDeck for Chrome’s Killer Feature: Match

I switched to TweetDeck from Seesmic a long time ago. Unfortunately, news came out yesterday that Twitter is pretty much killing all the good things that were leftover from TweetDeck. Both the iPhone and Android apps are dead and will be removed from their app stores soon, and the TweetDeck AIR app, which most ofContinue reading “TweetDeck for Chrome’s Killer Feature: Match”

Day 6: A Retreat

Six days in and I’ve already broken, sort of. While I’m still doing quite well at keeping my personal Internet use limited to my Nexus One, I’ve come across a few instances that simply must be done from my computer. 1. Organizing Flickr photos – while the Flickr Mobile site is refreshingly awesome, it’s stillContinue reading “Day 6: A Retreat”

Changing Defaults: Seesmic Desktop To Tweetdeck

Last time I talked about changing my default applications, I was comparing Google Chrome with Mozilla Firefox – two of the leading alternative web browsers. Today, I thought I’d look at the differences in the two leading Social Media tools – Seesmic Desktop and Tweetdeck. I actually started out using Tweetdeck, then moved to SeesmicContinue reading “Changing Defaults: Seesmic Desktop To Tweetdeck”

How To: Get A Single Mentions Column In Tweetdeck

I’ve been a Seesmic Desktop user for as long as I can remember, though I started my Twitter desktop experience switching between Tweetdeck and Twhirl a long time ago. I ended up sticking with Seesmic Desktop when I started maintaining multiple Twitter accounts – I currently manage 4 different accounts, including my personal one. However,Continue reading “How To: Get A Single Mentions Column In Tweetdeck”

My Desk, AKA Central Command

As a blogger/online journalist, one of the most important things is my desk. While I can (and often do) work from just my laptop while travelling or too lazy to go into my office, my desk is where I go when I need to get some serious work done, and where I spend most ofContinue reading “My Desk, AKA Central Command”