Wednesday Watch: Wanderers

I’ve always been pestered by a bit of wanderlust – that nagging desire for something new, something unseen. Today’s Wednesday Watch is called Wanderers – it’s a short view of some real places around our solar system, narrated by Carl Sagan, reading an excerpt from his own reading of his book ‘Pale Blue Dot: A VisionContinue reading “Wednesday Watch: Wanderers”

Eating Out In Eureka Springs, AR

This autumn, my wife and I took a trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, to get away for a while. Only 8.5 hours from Fort Worth, it was a great weekend trip, and Eureka Springs has a ton of little places to get a bite to eat. We didn’t use Foursquare on the trip, for privacyContinue reading “Eating Out In Eureka Springs, AR”

48 Hours In Denmark – Updated

If you know me, you know that I’m a nut about digital media. Whenever I go anywhere, I’ve got my phone with me, and I’m snapping photos, or taking videos, most of which I upload immediately to share with you online. I’m also a heavy Twitter user, constantly posting updates throughout the day, even whenContinue reading “48 Hours In Denmark – Updated”

Don’t Travel Without WorldMate

I wrote up a list of applications that I have on my phone for a trip over at, but I wanted to add one here – WorldMate. There’s simply no reason to travel without it, honestly. It is hands-down the best travel application that I’ve used, and for a few reasons. First, it handlesContinue reading “Don’t Travel Without WorldMate”

Tools Of A Connected Traveler

The Mrs. and I are headed out to California this week for some R&R, though obviously I’ll be connected most of the time, albeit less so than normal. This is the first personal trip that I’ve taken in a while, and it was booked, planned, mapped out, etc, all online this time around. While youContinue reading “Tools Of A Connected Traveler”