First Impressions Of The HTC Eris And Android

Yesterday I received my personal HTC Eris from Verizon, which is powered by Android v1.5 currently (a v2.x upgrade is supposedly coming soon). This is my first Android-powered smartphone, and honestly, I’m kind of excited about checking things out on a personal phone. I’ve been solid Symbian since the Nokia 6620, with a few foraysContinue reading “First Impressions Of The HTC Eris And Android”

How Could Touch Change The Internet?

As much as I dislike it on my phone, it’s tough to argue that touchscreens are all the rage, and let’s be clear – they’re not only taking over the cellphone market. More and more computers – both desktop and laptop – are coming out with touchscreen support, and to be honest, I’m rather excitedContinue reading “How Could Touch Change The Internet?”