My Top Tech Toys Of 2011

I firmly believe that technology should enrich and enable our lives, so it’s no surprise that I use a lot of technology in my life. Some of these gadgets are for personal use. Some are for work, and others are just for fun, but here’s a list of the top tech toys that I discoveredContinue reading “My Top Tech Toys Of 2011”

What Worked At SXSW 2011

I just got back from SXSW 2011, the annual nerdfest that takes place in Austin, Texas each spring. It’s a pretty harsh environment for someone to remain constantly connected. SXSW is spread out over several venues and covers most of the downtown area of Austin, so you’re constantly walking between hotels and meeting rooms. DespiteContinue reading “What Worked At SXSW 2011”

LauncherPro Makes Android More Awesome

One of my all-time favorite Android applications is LauncherPro. It’s available for free on the market, or you can pony up $3 through Paypal for the Plus version, which gives you a few extra features, including some widgets that mimic the popular Sense ones. LauncherPro replaces your phone’s homescreen and main menu, and lets youContinue reading “LauncherPro Makes Android More Awesome”

T-Mobile G2: Like An N97 With Android

Back in July, I was desperately shopping for a replacement for my Nokia N97. I knew I wanted an Android-powered smartphone, but I also wanted a hardware keyboard and a dedicated camera button, and the phone had to support SIM cards. At the time, my only real option was to import a Motorola Milestone fromContinue reading “T-Mobile G2: Like An N97 With Android”

Google’s Nexus One ETF Isn’t A Big Deal

Lots of folks are up in arms recently over the secondary ETF (Early Termination Fee) imposed by Google on those who purchased the Nexus One with a T-Mobile contract and then cancel the contract early. It has been ‘discovered’ that if you do so, you’ll pay T-Mobile’s termination fee of $200, as well as aContinue reading “Google’s Nexus One ETF Isn’t A Big Deal”

The Truth Behind The Nokia Booklet 3G Pricing

I’ll admit, it’s tough to understand the concept of a netbook, for some. I mean, it’s *almost* the regular cost of a low-end notebook, but it’s smaller, and tends to be less capable in terms of processing power and that sort of thing. However, there’s tons of inaccuracies floating around out there, specifically in regardsContinue reading “The Truth Behind The Nokia Booklet 3G Pricing”

Boingo Makes Bank From Verizon

I’ve praised Boingo here before – they’re simply awesome, specifically if you travel and need to stay connected. Recently, Boingo signed a 4-year extension with Verizon to offer free WiFi to Verizon’s FiOS and High Speed Internet customers. This is a big deal, and here’s why: For starters, this would be an even bigger dealContinue reading “Boingo Makes Bank From Verizon”

Should Smartphones Come With Data Plans?

A recent rumor at Boy Genius Report claims that T-Mobile is going to require most of its smartphones to be sold with a data plan. The concept is nothing new – most BlackBerries are sold with an add-on that includes unlimited data connections, and the iPhone is sold with a data package bundled from AT&T.Continue reading “Should Smartphones Come With Data Plans?”

T-Mobile Knows How To Host A Launch

I just got through watching the T-Mobile G1 launch event, which was livecasted here. As a blogger, I’ve sat in on several product launches, most of them over the internet, which is awesome. However, not a single one from either Apple, Nokia, or anyone else has come close to the quality and enjoyability of thisContinue reading “T-Mobile Knows How To Host A Launch”