Top 10 Symbian Phones

During its earnings call this week, Nokia officially declared that the 808 PureView would be its last Symbian-powered smartphone. This isn’t really news – when Nokia made the switch to Windows Phone, we all assumed it was the end of Symbian. However, this is the first time Nokia has actually confirmed it. Of course, toContinue reading “Top 10 Symbian Phones”

Show Off Your Burning Platform On The Burning Platform

In February 2011, just a few days before making the formal announcement that it would begin making Windows Phone smartphones, Nokia’s new CEO, Stephen Elop, sent out a memo to employees. That memo was leaked online, and is now referred to as ‘the burning platform memo’, due to the use of a parable about aContinue reading “Show Off Your Burning Platform On The Burning Platform”

Nokia Finally Learns How To Accessorize A Cameraphone

As a Nokia blogger/fanboi through the inception, rise, and fall of the Nseries of multimedia-creation powerhouses that Nokia released over the years, there was always a big area of frustration for me, especially surrounding their unrivaled cameraphones – they never properly accessorized or packaged them. That’s why I was glad to see that Chris DaviesContinue reading “Nokia Finally Learns How To Accessorize A Cameraphone”

OF COURSE Nokia Has A Contingency Plan

There’s quite a bit of hoopla in the blogosphere today as an interview with Nokia’s Chairman, Risto Siilasmaa has begun to hit the airwaves. Despite Elop’s insistence that ‘Plan B is to make sure that Plan A is successful’, Siilasmaa cleanly stated that Nokia definitely has a contingency plan. From there, the tech journalists andContinue reading “OF COURSE Nokia Has A Contingency Plan”

Ovi Maps Reporter Gets More Options

I normally don’t do ‘news’ posts on this site, but I’ve always been a huge fan of Nokia’s Ovi Maps service, from the day it was conceived and I used it on my Nokia N80 with the Bluetooth-enabled GPS puck velcroed to my windshield. Now that I’m a full-time Android user, I definitely miss havingContinue reading “Ovi Maps Reporter Gets More Options”

Checking Out The Nokia WordPress App

I’ve used Nokia’s Symbian-powered smartphones for years and one thing I always wished for was a proper blogging app. There were a few here and there that tried to offer a proper blogging experience, but they always seemed to be missing something. Fortunately, about 2 years ago, a team of folks decided to get seriousContinue reading “Checking Out The Nokia WordPress App”

What Will Be The First Computer-Free Generation?

Several years ago, I conducted an experiment on called PC-Free For 30 Days. My main computer had crashed and was going to be in service, so I decided to see how I could complete the tasks that I normally do on my computer using only a Symbian-powered smartphone. The conclusion at the time wasContinue reading “What Will Be The First Computer-Free Generation?”

Nokia Needs Android Like Symbian Needs HTC

For starters, this isn’t entirely my idea. Others have suggested that Nokia give Android a fighting chance, most recently Kevin at GigaOm, who makes some extremely valid points. After 6 years of being a Symbian addict, I recently gave up on the platform to pick up Google’s Nexus One, and I’m loving it. While mostContinue reading “Nokia Needs Android Like Symbian Needs HTC”