Notes From Geek To Peak At SXSWi

One of the better panels that I attended at SXSWi was called ‘Geek to Peak’, and centered around increasing and building my business as a consultant or freelancer. I found it really interesting, and ended up with a ton of notes. One thing that I’m currently working on is moving from saying ‘I am theContinue reading “Notes From Geek To Peak At SXSWi”

Checking in from SXSW

Checking in from SXSW 09, it’s halfway through my first full day and thus far, I’ve met a TON of cool people, looking forward to meeting more. This has already been quite a discovery trip for me, as I’m experiencing new ways to use tools like SMS, web, and especially my phone. It’s fascinating toContinue reading “Checking in from SXSW”

I’m Going To SXSWi

I’m going to South by Southwest this coming weekend, more specifically the Interactive….part? If you don’t know what the heck South by Southwest (SXSW) is, you can get more info here. Basically, it’s a conference for social media people, from what I understand. I like Social Media, so I’m going. I’m renting a car, drivingContinue reading “I’m Going To SXSWi”