Join Me For Daily Google+ Hangouts

Ah, Google+. Social Media folks like me love to hate on Google+, mainly because we’re essentially being forced to use it, as we rely on Google for just about everything else (SEO, search, ads, etc). While I don’t know that Google+ will ever unseat Facebook as the go-to social networking service, it’s pretty clear thatContinue reading “Join Me For Daily Google+ Hangouts”

The Cloud Music Battles Have Begun

When Napster effectively killed the music industry so many years ago, who’d have thought that it would be digital music that would signal the resurgence of the very same industry a few years later (albeit with a completely different look)? While the music industry would prefer that you buy each track individually (or worse, byContinue reading “The Cloud Music Battles Have Begun”

Will Netflix Make You Choose Or Cancel?

Today, Netflix unveiled new plans that will be pushed to all customers as of September 1. Today, I pay $9.99/month and get 1 DVD home at a time with unlimited access to Netflix’s streaming library. It’s admittedly a great bargain, but the new plans are pretty radical. Effective September 1st, I have the option ofContinue reading “Will Netflix Make You Choose Or Cancel?”

Amazon Disc+ On Demand Is Brilliant

Amazon has just launched a limited-time offer called Disc+ On Demand. Basically, when you purchase a selected DVD or Blu-ray movie from Amazon, they’ll ship it out right away, but in the meantime, you can use Amazon UnBox’s service to stream or download a digital copy of the movie, so you can watch it beforeContinue reading “Amazon Disc+ On Demand Is Brilliant”