Nokia Claims It Plans To Unveil US Plans In 2012

There’s a bunch of other announcements coming out of Nokia World 2011 in London today, and I’ll touch on those later. However, this blurb from my friend Eric Zeman at PhoneScoop really got under my skin: Nokia CEO Stephen Elop today said at the Nokia World event in London that the company will be makingContinue reading “Nokia Claims It Plans To Unveil US Plans In 2012”

Stephen Elop’s Nokia Adventure

I’ve been a self-confessed Nokia fanboy for over a decade. Until July 1 2010, I had always had a Nokia phone in my pocket, and couldn’t really see why anyone would choose anything else. I’m still a Nokia fanboy in my heart, even though I’m also now an Android fanboy. When Nokia announced that itContinue reading “Stephen Elop’s Nokia Adventure”