Google Voice Vs. Spinvox: FIGHT!

I’ve been a Spinvox enthusiast for over a year now. I had previously completely turned Voicemail off on my phone, and Spinvox gave me a reason to turn it back on. You can read more about that here. Google Voice recently became available, including speech-to-text transcription, so I wanted to pit the two of themContinue reading “Google Voice Vs. Spinvox: FIGHT!”

Stuff I Choose Not To Live Without

Zach @ The Outsidr posted his list of products that he simply can’t live without earlier, and as any blogger with nothing to talk about is prone to do, I’m going to carry on his ‘meme’ with my own list. Yes, of course we *could* live without these things, if absolutely necessary, so I’ve renamedContinue reading “Stuff I Choose Not To Live Without”

Methods of Communication

James Whatley, at the Spinvox Blog, recently published some thoughts of his on ‘Confidence in Communication.’ If you’ve not read it, you’ll need to do so before my thoughts will make sense, so do that now. Here’s the link. Ok, so, James basically says that for him, using Spinvox actually creates a sort of prioritizationContinue reading “Methods of Communication”

Spinvox Loves Your Accent

I’m a massive fan of Spinvox. It’s no secret, I rave about them periodically on Symbian-Guru. If you’re sick of hassling with dialing in for your messages, give it a look, it’s awesome to get your voicemail delivered as an SMS. Pitches aside, my buddy James Whatley at Spinvox has worked up a really coolContinue reading “Spinvox Loves Your Accent”

The Future of Voice

James Whatley has a thought provoking meandering thought over at the Spinvox blog, regarding the future of voice. With a service such as Spinvox, people’s voices are being converted into text. Sounds simple enough, but this actually affects quite a bit of stuff. It means that voice is now searchable, archivable. James goes on aboutContinue reading “The Future of Voice”

James Whatley On Corporate Blogging

James Whatley, one of my good friends, recently chatted with BBC’s Technology reporter Rory Cellan-Jones about blogging and companies and how the two are working to get along. Whatley is the Digital Marketing Product Manager and Chief Blogger over at Spinvox, which I’m a huge fan of. They’ve also put up a blog post givingContinue reading “James Whatley On Corporate Blogging”