Wednesday Watch: HENRi

Old becomes new in today’s Wednesday Watch called HENRi. This short film features an intelligent spaceship (played by Keir Dullea, known as 2001: A Space Odyssey’s Dr. David Bowman) decides that it should build itself a body, so it can feel more alive. Bonus appearance by Margot Kidder, of Superman fame.  

Wednesday Watch: Wanderers

I’ve always been pestered by a bit of wanderlust – that nagging desire for something new, something unseen. Today’s Wednesday Watch is called Wanderers – it’s a short view of some real places around our solar system, narrated by Carl Sagan, reading an excerpt from his own reading of his book ‘Pale Blue Dot: A VisionContinue reading “Wednesday Watch: Wanderers”

Tilt-Shift Galaxies Look Like Toys

I’m a closet photography nerd, and I love to find examples of photographers doing cool stuff with images, including (probably especially) of things in the sky. Tilt-Shift is a photography trick that I really love, as it makes real-life things look like toy models. It’s fascinating when used on street scenes or things like that,Continue reading “Tilt-Shift Galaxies Look Like Toys”

Losing The Man On The Moon

Neil Armstrong passed away this weekend. I wasn’t alive when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon – in fact, I don’t even believe that my parents were married at that point in time. However, I’ve known Neil Armstrong’s name for as long as I can remember. He was the first man to walk on theContinue reading “Losing The Man On The Moon”