In Praise Of The Sony SBH20 Bluetooth Headset

I love listening to music. If it had it my way, I would be surrounded by music all the time. I also love ‘magic’ technology, and being wireless. I had previously been eyeing the Nokia BH-121, but could never actually find a place to purchase it, so I started looking at competitors, and found theContinue reading “In Praise Of The Sony SBH20 Bluetooth Headset”

Sony #ActionCam HDR-AS15 Unboxing

Say what you will about Klout and its algorithms, they’re great at connecting influencers with brands. I’ve been getting Klout Perks for a while now – thus far, I’ve gotten some Axe hair gel, a 3-day loan of a Chevy Sonic, and a Samsung Windows Phone device. Just the other day, I got my fourthContinue reading “Sony #ActionCam HDR-AS15 Unboxing”

Review Of The Sony Webbie HD Video Camera

I’ve been using the Sony Webbie HD video camera for over a month now. Admittedly, this is the first of the affordable, High-Definition pocketable cameras that I’ve used. I typically use my Nokia S60-powered smartphones to record video, so that’s my point of reference. I’m used to having a pocketable camera that takes VGA-resolution video,Continue reading “Review Of The Sony Webbie HD Video Camera”

Sony Almost Gets It, Nokia Gets Closer

I caught this on Gizmodo last week, where Sony apparently invited several bloggers and other news outlets to a round table discussion/session, focused on the Playstation 3. The console hasn’t been selling well (it never did, I remember this past holiday season seeing stacks of them on Best Buy’s floor), and Sony knows why. MoreContinue reading “Sony Almost Gets It, Nokia Gets Closer”