NanoSails Are Cool

Recently, NASA reported that the NanoSail-D had unfurled itself, and is now sailing around in low orbit around earth, powered by the sun’s rays. As you can see, the thing looks quite similar to the solar sailer seen in the original TRON movie, with a small satellite onboard. This is awesome for a few reasons:Continue reading “NanoSails Are Cool”

Orange Pitches A Sweet Technology Tent

Orange, a wireless carrier in Europe, has put together this sweet tent for the Glastonbury that I really hope we start to see in stores really soon. The tent features photovoltaic fabric (solar panels built from fabric, basically) that allow the tent to be whatever form factor you want, without the need for rigid solarContinue reading “Orange Pitches A Sweet Technology Tent”

Solar PPAs Are Freakin Brilliant

I’ve long been impressed with the potential of solar panels, specifically for residential use. Mrs. Guru and I are planning on purchasing a house later this year, and solar panels are definitely on my ‘to investigate’ list. We live in North Texas – we get PLENTY of direct sunlight out here, and I really thinkContinue reading “Solar PPAs Are Freakin Brilliant”