Shower Rocker – I-Venstar S406 Speaker Review

One of the [few] things that I miss about working at RadioShack is the endless samples of new gadgetry. Towards the end of my career at “The Shack”, we were really focused on audio, so I got new Bluetooth speakers all the time, like the SOL REPUBLIC DECK (a personal favorite), the Skullcandy Air Raid,Continue reading “Shower Rocker – I-Venstar S406 Speaker Review”

The Venstar Taco – A Bluetooth Speaker Review

I’ve used/reviewed lots of Bluetooth speakers. From the SOL REPUBLIC DECK to the Skullcandy Air Raid and the Beats Pill, I’ve seen them all. Or so I thought. When I was contacted by I-Venstar and asked if I wanted to review “The Taco“, my curiosity was piqued, and I said yes. The Venstar* Taco is…well,Continue reading “The Venstar Taco – A Bluetooth Speaker Review”

SOL REPUBLIC RELAYS Are Supposed To Fit Any Ear

Last summer, I was lucky enough to attend the Lollapalooza music festival for work, as part of a joint launch of the SOL REPUBLIC x Motorola DECK speaker with RadioShack. It’s a sweet speaker, and I’ve got one in my bathroom, if you’re interested. At Lolla, I had the chance to hang out with theContinue reading “SOL REPUBLIC RELAYS Are Supposed To Fit Any Ear”