How To Kick Start Social With Google+

A few weeks ago, I was invited to join a Google+ hangout focused on how brands and companies can use Google+ to kick start their social activity. Lots of people like to hate on Google+, particularly in the ‘social media’ industry, and particularly me.  It can be extremely frustrating to use, as a business, and evenContinue reading “How To Kick Start Social With Google+”

Buffer Helps You Avoid The Flood

I have over 250 feeds in my RSS reader, and I keep up with a TON of news that way. I also often find things that I want to share. Unfortunately, due to my schedule, I often plow through hundreds of news items in one sitting, and if I were to share everything I wantedContinue reading “Buffer Helps You Avoid The Flood”

Content Creation, Done Well

I have many different hats that I wear in my current position as the Social Media Community Manager at RadioShack, but the biggest one is probably that of content creator. I’m responsible for the content that gets published via our social channels, including The Shack Blog, as well as our Twitter and Facebook accounts. WithContinue reading “Content Creation, Done Well”

Why Is Netflix So Anti-Social?

I’ve been a Netflix subscriber since September of 2008 – that’s nearly 3 years – and I’m a heavy user of the service. I actually use the streaming feature more, but I do the DVDs occasionally, as well (I’m horrible at remembering to return them). Thus far, I’ve rated over 200 movies, and I’ve spentContinue reading “Why Is Netflix So Anti-Social?”

Welcoming Microsoft Into Your Livingroom

I bought an Xbox 360 with Kinect a few months ago, and have done my best to fully embrace the idea and technology. The Kinect is definitely the future of how we interact with our in-home entertainment – gestures, voice command, facial recognition, it’s all there. Music and video content is readily available, too, withContinue reading “Welcoming Microsoft Into Your Livingroom”

Introducing Mobile Geeks of Fort Worth

Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting up with my friend Stefan Constantinescu of IntoMobile at a Starbucks to just catch up and chat about mobile geekery. It was a great visit, rare since he lives in Finland (he was back in Texas just for a short visit) and I realized how muchContinue reading “Introducing Mobile Geeks of Fort Worth”

BirdBet Keeps Track Of Your Friends’ Lame Bets

If you’re a guy (and possibly if you’re a girl), then there’s no denying that you’ve said the words, ‘I’ll bet you $XX…’ to your friends. The XX can be any number, typically lower than 10, whereas the sentence can be completed with any number of options. It could be the result of a sportsContinue reading “BirdBet Keeps Track Of Your Friends’ Lame Bets”

Introducing Rejaw, Another Micro-blogging Service

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Ricky, dude, I’m already on Twitter/FriendFeed/Jaiku/whateverelse, why on *earth* would I want another one?” To be honest, it’s a great question. I’ve recently discovered Rejaw, and despite some initial skepticism (and a few notably lacking features), I’m really rather impressed overall. Here’s why… First up, what is Rejaw? FromContinue reading “Introducing Rejaw, Another Micro-blogging Service”